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Human Resource

The human resource department is responsible for recruiting, training, retaining, and promoting employees. To perform these duties, the human resource department must organize, integrate, and evaluate all aspects of its operations, as well as monitor and track employee performance and accomplishments. The goal of human resources is to ensure the employment of the maximum number of high quality employees. Because of this, the HRD must develop and implement a comprehensive package of tools, policies, and procedures in order to achieve this goal. At Harbins, we provide detailed working tools and procedures for big organizations, as well as small companies to ensure them a smooth running operation.

Global Operations Made Smoother with Harbins

HR Structure

HR Structure

Harbins can help you manage employees of any number by creating a proper managerial hierarchy, and keeping company records aligned and optimized. We help you put a better pathway for your business to be successful.

Company Structure

Company Structure

A company structure is the backbone of a company’s financial stronghold. The structure defines the processes and hierarchy of how well a company can be managed and assessed. Let Harbins define your company’s position globally.

Bookkeeping Services to Balance Your Accounts

Bookkeeping Services to Balance Your Accounts

Bookkeeping services are one of the key resources of the human resource department. In a company of any size, some form of bookkeeping services are required all the time. Whether it’s individual or corporate, an accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive bookkeeping service can prove invaluable to the human resource department. As an employer, you will be able to understand the overall financial health of your organization, and because of that, you’ll be better able to handle and control the spending of your company’s resources.

Support and services

Harbins can perform a detailed audit and evaluation of the human resources department’s performance. An effective audit will provide you with accurate information regarding the organization’s functions, payroll, benefits, taxes, and other areas. It will also provide you with recommendations for making your business more efficient and effective.


How Can We Help You?

While there are many roles, responsibilities, and areas of responsibility associated with the human resource department, the most important role of all is retaining important employees and staff. A company is essentially only as good as the employees that occupy crucial roles and work with dedication. This is why Harbins, a top HR consultancy in Dubai, can perform a detailed analysis to outline the important factors that have been keeping your firm intact.

Have a look at what our clients say for us



Jonathan Green

Working with Harbins was a dream

My company was going through some financial turbulence. The balance sheets were misrepresented, and the in-house accountants were really confused about how to handle the situation. While physically our business was doing great, the profits weren’t rightly reflected on the sheets.

We were desperately looking for someone to take over and sort the problems for us. Luck was on our side when we got to discover Harbins. The people there are really talented. Plus, they are nice!



George Charles

Harbins showed me the new growth direction

My business operated under the entertainment sector, and we were soon draining out of new avenues to discover. Things were stagnating, and we’d hit the wall soon if we didn’t discover Harbins.

We opted for consultation services from Harbins and got to know of the right growth areas once they worked up their magic on our business. Not only that, we then got to know that our accounts weren’t rightly organized as well. They helped us in that domain as well.



Jack Richard

Harbins got my accounts right

Harbins got our balance sheets pretty sorted. We also got to know of a few accounting errors that we were making. Thanks to Harbins, our reports are sorted with no questionable elements in there.

We then even got to know of the room for growth for our business. Once the profits were rightly stated on our sheets, we discovered that we have more budget to invest in expansion strategies. With the right fuel to fire our growth, we almost doubled our profits last quarter.


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