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Life Sciences & Health Care requires absolute diligence. These are the 2 industries that are playing a part in the progress of the world as a whole. While the researches and new technologies are constantly bettering the health segment, organizations functioning in these segments often struggle with finances.

A few big firms may have everything straight; many others don’t have the right competence to set up the right accounting mechanisms. As a result, the numbers go haywire, and hardly any figures are a true representation of what’s going on in the business or organization.

Harbins help life sciences and health care organizations to stay on top of their financial game. We also offer consultation services so your organization can make necessary strategies and move in the right direction. That way, they can focus on their core competence, and they’ll need not worry about the compliance policies of the financial authorities.

The challenges of the life sciences and health care industry can be rightly tackled when Harbins is up to your assistance

Health Care

Health Care

Our services for the health care sector are a way for us to contribute to the betterment of the world. We help health care organizations with any financial, taxation or accountancy troubles that they may be facing.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Life sciences companies face certain challenges that need to be addressed immediately. Fortunately, Harbins is well-aware and well-researched about the challenges to help life sciences organizations prosper and grow in the right direction.

Life sciences and athe health care sector arent often recognized for the services that they deliver to the world

Life sciences and the health care sector aren’t often recognized for the services that they deliver to the world

Yet that’s fine because not all heroes wear a cape. Harbins offers financial and consultation services to organizations operating in the Life sciences and health care so they can channelize their energies to their core competence.

Support and services

Harbins is here to help you with the ever evolving life sciences and healthcare industry. Without the right help it is easy to have your accounts and taxes messed up. Even so businesses operating in this industry can be easily penalized for non-compliance. Luckily you don’t need to worry about it when you select Harbins as your financial partner.


Never come under the radar of financial authorities for non-compliance

Financial compliance and taxation often become a concern for several Life sciences and health care facilities. Some big names in the industry have their financial records sorted, but not all have it done right. Harbins is here to help organizations get rid of the worries of accounts and taxation. Plus, we offer consultation services as well, where we help organizations identify the right opportunities for growth.

We got you covered big time for all your accountancy and taxation needs!

Have a look at what our clients say for us



Jonathan Green

Working with Harbins was a dream

My company was going through some financial turbulence. The balance sheets were misrepresented, and the in-house accountants were really confused about how to handle the situation. While physically our business was doing great, the profits weren’t rightly reflected on the sheets.

We were desperately looking for someone to take over and sort the problems for us. Luck was on our side when we got to discover Harbins. The people there are really talented. Plus, they are nice!



George Charles

Harbins showed me the new growth direction

My business operated under the entertainment sector, and we were soon draining out of new avenues to discover. Things were stagnating, and we’d hit the wall soon if we didn’t discover Harbins.

We opted for consultation services from Harbins and got to know of the right growth areas once they worked up their magic on our business. Not only that, we then got to know that our accounts weren’t rightly organized as well. They helped us in that domain as well.



Jack Richard

Harbins got my accounts right

Harbins got our balance sheets pretty sorted. We also got to know of a few accounting errors that we were making. Thanks to Harbins, our reports are sorted with no questionable elements in there.

We then even got to know of the room for growth for our business. Once the profits were rightly stated on our sheets, we discovered that we have more budget to invest in expansion strategies. With the right fuel to fire our growth, we almost doubled our profits last quarter.

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